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'How To' Guide


To Log in / Sign Up to the website…

  1. On a phone go to and click on the 3 lines in the top right-hand corner or on a computer look in the top right-hand corner for the LOG IN / SIGN UP box

  2. Click on LOG IN / SIGN UP

  3. If you are already a member click on LOG IN, If you aren’t yet then stay on the SIGN UP page

  4. Log in or Sign up via Facebook, google or by entering your email and a password (If you’re using Facebook make sure it's connected to the same email ad as you want your confirmation emails to go to) 

  5. Follow the instructions on screen

       NB: Check your junk if you don’t receive an email in your inbox and add email to ‘contacts’ if it did.


       Once you’re a member you can update all your info easily, add a photo and check all your past and future bookings and see how long         you have left on your plan.


To purchase an UNLIMITED PLAN… (even if you are not yet a member) 

  On a phone…

  1. Click on the 3 lines in the top right-hand corner

  2. Click ‘ + ‘ next to BOOK ONLINE and a select UNLIMITED CLASS PASS

  On a computer…

  1. Hover over BOOK ONLINE and select the subheading UNLIMITED CLASS PASS


   3. Select payment option - CARD or PayPal and click BUY NOW

   4. You will then receive a confirmation email with details (please check your junk if not in your inbox) 


To book single classes or book classes with an unlimited pass

  1. Go to BOOK ONLINE

  2. All classes currently offered are there, select BOOK NOW on the class you would like to join

  3. Click on the DATE you would like to attend 

  4. Click on the TIME slot you would like to attend (even if there is just one)


      a) If you have a UNLIMITED CLASS PASS the system will acknowledge that (if you are logged in, if you are not logged in then you can              now log in - see above)

      b) If you want to book a single session - Select the BOOK A SESSION option and follow instructions on the screen (logging in or signing            up if needed), Select PAY NOW and follow instructions on the screen.

    6. You will then receive an email confirming you are booked on to that class.


   All Classes are currently streamed through ZOOM.US. 

   Details of this are emailed over to you in the confirmation of booking but if you want to set yourself up with an account and see how to     it works beforehand (highly recommended) then below are instructions for that. 

   All of this can also be found on the ZOOM tab on the this website.




  • Download the free ZOOM app on your chosen device (tablet, phone, laptop) or log in to ZOOM.US on a web page 

  • Open ZOOM from your device 'sign up'

  • Enter your email address, first name, last name and tick to agree T&C's

  • Go to your email and click the link from ZOOM to activate your account

  • Create a password and then you're set up!


  • Chose a class to join (see time table) & book on the website in advance.

  • I will email you the unique class 'Meeting ID' & 'Password approx. !0 mins before session start time.

  • 5 to 10 mins before session start time, open ZOOM app or Web page and 'join meeting'

  • Enter the Meeting ID and Password and you're in!

  • Write 'Hi' in the comments when you're signed in to let me know you're there!

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