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Benefits of Pilates for Kids:


The poses practised in Pilates help to maintain flexibility in children's muscles and tendons. This is useful if they wish to participate in other sports such as ballet and gymnastics, and is also great for their overall fitness!


Pilates helps to improve the circulation of blood, strengthening the core muscles of the body - helping children to conserve their energy, as well as keeping them lean and improving their athletic performance.


Pilates is a great way to teach kids body control as it aids with flexibility, strength, coordination and concentration.

It can also help with stress, anxiety and the biggest one for me... POSTURE!

Kids are spending more and more time on screens often very hunched over so let’s fix this!

And the BEST thing is they generally love it!

* No classes currently running please get in touch to register interest.


School can be mentally demanding, and is often a lot for children to absorb. Prepare them for the term ahead with Pilates, as the focus required will transfer to the classroom and you will see improvements in their academic performance.


With many children spending hours staring at a screen each day, they are beginning to slouch. This can lead to a range of back problems in later life, but Pilates can help to correct this! Children that participate in Pilates classes have better spinal alignment and posture!

"The body achieves what the mind believes"


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